Oatmeal Pudding Lactation Cookies (A Quick + Easy Recipe)

Breastfeeding + pumping moms, rejoice!

…finally an easy (and yummy!) treat JUST for you!

These lactation cookies are easy to make and filled with lactation-boosting ingredients to help with milk production.

Lactation cookies are easy to make with this simple recipe!

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What ARE lactation cookies?

Simply put - lactation cookies are just regular cookies, but with added milk-boosting ingredients.

The beauty of lactation cookies is they’re an easy way to get several galactagagues into your diet at once, which makes it the perfect snack for breastfeeding and pumping moms!

The trio of galactagagues that our recipe uses are oats, flax seed, and brewers yeast.

Can anyone eat them?

Yes! The whole family can enjoy them.

The wonderful thing about them is the galactagagues they’re super foods on their own, making the cookies nutritious for everyone!

How many lactation cookies should I eat per day?

Everybody is different in how they respond to galactagagues.

We suggest you start with 2 per day, give it a few days to see how your body responds, and adjust as needed.


Can I freeze them?

Yes! The lactation cookies freeze beautifully, and so does the dough.

They can last up to 6 months in the freezer.

Oatmeal pudding lactation cookies - an easy recipe!

Dairy Free Option: If you need to omit the dairy, you can use coconut oil instead of butter.  Also, you can use the Jello brand of instant pudding mix because it’s dairy free!  


Gluten Free Option:  If you’re in need of a gluten free lactation cookie recipe, simply substitute the all-purpose flour in the recipe with gluten free flour. Note: brewers yeast and oats may contain traces of gluten.


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