Is Your Pediatrician Breastfeeding Friendly? 7 Questions to Ask

Interview Questions and answers to find out if your future pediatrician is breastfeeding friendly

  1. Do you have a lactation consultant on staff or an IBCLC that you refer women to?

    Even if they don't have an LC in the office it's important they have a way for you to get lactation help should you need it.

  2. Which growth chart do you use - the CDC or the WHO?

    Make sure they are using the World Health Organization (WHO) chart because the CDC chart only shows growth patterns for formula fed babies.

  3. How long does a newborn have to get back to their birth weight?

    Newborns should be given about 2 weeks to regain their birth weight unless they show signs of dehydration.

  4. What percentage of women in your practice are exclusively breastfeeding at 1 month?

    Look for an answer well above 50%.

  5. When do you recommend solid foods be introduced?

    The AAP recommends exclusive breastfeeding with no additional foods until 6 months of age for healthy babies.

  6. What age do you recommend weaning?

    No specific age should be specified. Weaning should be when breastfeeding is no no longer mutually desired by mother and child.

  7. Are you aware of resources to determine the safety of medication use for the breastfeeding mother?

    They should say yes.