What to Do if You’re Struggling to Breastfeed with Large Breasts

Breastfeeding with large breasts can be difficult and downright uncomfortable.  We asked a bunch of "well-endowed" mamas for advice on how they make breastfeeding work.

Here's what they said...


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"You have to be comfortable 1000%. I use a big pillow and a small, rolled-up burp cloth under the boob."  

-Laura U.


"An infant neck pillow works great for cleavage support while nursing." 

-Barbara J.


"Lay on your back with your baby on top of you with a pillow under your arm for support." 

-Hannah S.


"The My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow has been a lifesaver for me through 3 babies! It clips around your back so you don’t have to worry about positioning the pillow. I also use my same side hand to hold my breast at the right angle."

-Julie G.


"A big fluffy blanket. You can maneuver it in anyway you need."

-Kela G.


"Laying down on my side works best for us. When baby was small and could not stay on her side I would roll up a blanket and put behind her."

-Kerstin T.


"Honestly, I wear one of my regular bras and lift my breast out of the top and tuck the cup under. It holds my breast up, so once he's latched I can have one hand free."

-Crystal A.


"Football hold works best for us!"

-Chelsee S.


"Football hold, pillow on your side to hold up baby and pillow behind your back for support. Add pillows as you need."  

-Raini S.


"Side lay in the bed. I’m actually doing it right now!"

-Laura R.

"I used my Boppy all the time, especially when she was little. We would take it everywhere, just stuff it in the stroller and go."

-Andrea D.


"Roll up a baby blanket and put it under your breast to help support it. As for nursing position I really liked laying in bed on my side, no stress on mommy’s shoulders or neck. Or a normal cross cradle hold with a bed pillow under baby for support."

-Lindsey K.


"Ultimately, don’t smoosh your baby with your boob. That’s the ultimate goal!  The next goal is finding a position that doesn’t make your arm burn from holding your boob up for so long. Best position for me and I’m a 34F…. laying down on my side in bed and letting the girls lay straight out and bringing baby to my boob. Works very well."

-Jerrica P.