Our favorite products to help you get the peace you deserve after baby…

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  1. Q&A A DAY FOR MOMS - I wish I started this journal when my kids were newborns!  As a new mom, WHO has time to journal? But this journal is DOABLE because it gives you daily 2 minute prompts so you can record the seemingly ordinary details of daily life you’ll want to look back on years from now.  

  2. HIMALAYAN SEA SALT LAMP - Did you know that red light aids in melatonin production that helps with sleep?!  It just so happens that a sea salt lamp is PERFECT for middle of the night feedings because it gives a soft, natural red glow that is both relaxing and doesn’t disrupt sleep.  I put one in every nursery for my kids!

  3. POSTPARTUM SUPPORT DECK - 52 affirmation cards to inspire and support new mothers during the postpartum year.  They’re absolutely stunning and full of encouraging, wise words during this delicate time period.

  4. THE FOURTH TRIMESTER BOOK - THIS is the book I wish I had when I was pregnant and now the book I gift to every pregnant friend I have!  EVERY woman needs this book! It contains healing wisdom and offers clear, actionable steps for a more compassionate and healthy entrance into motherhood.  You might as well get 2 copies because you’re going to want to start giving it away to your loved ones!

  5. SOUND MACHINE - What if I told you a product would help your baby sleep better?  Incorporating white noise into your baby’s night time routine is a total game changer.  It helps them associate the noise with sleep and helps them to fall asleep quicker. Definitely worth the money!