total game-changing breastfeeding supplies


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  1. LATCH PAL - Completely eliminates the inconvenience of a falling shirt during breastfeeding and pumping.

  2. HAAKAA - Have your baby breastfeed on one side and use your Haakaa on the other and you’ll easily start collecting milk for the freezer.  There’s no setup! Just grab it, attach and you’re set! And no manual work other than attaching and removing.

  3. LaVIE LACTATION MASSAGER - What a handy little tool!  It uses vibration to improve milk flow and empty the breasts more effectively and also eases engorgement, relieves plugged ducts, prevents mastitis, helps you have a faster letdown, increase your output.  Is there anything it CAN’T do?!

  4. PELLO COMFY CRADLE - If you've ever gotten a sore or sleepy arm while breastfeeding, this is for you!  It creates a comfortable position for nursing, bottle feeding and holding, while gently supporting baby’s head.

  5. BOOBIE BOMBS - Who doesn’t love peanut butter?!  Lactation peanut butter balls mixes that are SO easy to make.  Just combine the mix with peanut butter + water to get freshly made yummy one-handed snacks, perfect for breastfeeding or pumping.

  6. BOBA BABY WRAP - A Boba Wrap allow you to nurse comfortably and discreetly, even while on the move.  Total game changer! Now you aren’t limited to sitting while breastfeeding.


 TOtal Game-Changing Pumping Products

  1. FREEMIES - Pump anytime, anywhere and around anyone as milk collects inside. Freemie Cups slip into your bra underneath your clothes and work with most popular breast pump brands.

  2. PUMPSPOTTING APP - This free app is a lifesaver for finding a place to nurse and pump when you're out - and for not feeling so alone when you do!

  3. MEDELA QUICK CLEAN WIPES - These wipes are ideal for quickly cleaning your breast pump and accessories while traveling, at work or on the road.

  4. LOTUS HANDS FREE PUMPING BRA - I couldn’t believe the comfort of this bra!  It’s made for daily use and for low impact workouts.  Easy pump access with pull-aside cups so you can pump hands free! And you can get $10 off by using the code LOTUS10 at checkout!

  5. WORK. PUMP. REPEAT. - If you’re going back to work and want to survive pumping in the workplace, BUY THIS BOOK!  It’s what it would be like if a best friend was taking you by the hand and saying “do this, not that.”  It’s a gem of a book, worth its weight in “liquid gold!”

  6. PUMPIN’ PAL - These are WAY more comfortable than traditional flanges, promote better flow, reduce irritation and allow you to sit back while pumping so you don’t have to slouch forward the whole time!  Comes with 3 different sizes and fits with most pumps.


Favorite products for postpartum peace

  1. Q&A A DAY FOR MOMS - I wish I started this journal when my kids were newborns!  As a new mom, WHO has time to journal? But this journal is DOABLE because it gives you daily 2 minute prompts so you can record the seemingly ordinary details of daily life you’ll want to look back on years from now.  

  2. HIMALAYAN SEA SALT LAMP - Did you know that red light aids in melatonin production that helps with sleep?!  It just so happens that a sea salt lamp is PERFECT for middle of the night feedings because it gives a soft, natural red glow that is both relaxing and doesn’t disrupt sleep.  I put one in every nursery for my kids!

  3. POSTPARTUM SUPPORT DECK - 52 affirmation cards to inspire and support new mothers during the postpartum year.  They’re absolutely stunning and full of encouraging, wise words during this delicate time period.

  4. THE FOURTH TRIMESTER BOOK - THIS is the book I wish I had when I was pregnant and now the book I gift to every pregnant friend I have!  EVERY woman needs this book! It contains healing wisdom and offers clear, actionable steps for a more compassionate and healthy entrance into motherhood.  You might as well get 2 copies because you’re going to want to start giving it away to your loved ones!

  5. SOUND MACHINE - What if I told you a product would help your baby sleep better?  Incorporating white noise into your baby’s night time routine is a total game changer.  It helps them associate the noise with sleep and helps them to fall asleep quicker. Definitely worth the money!


products for a portable breastfeeding station 

  1. IKEA BAG - These bags can hold EVERYTHING!  If you order through Amazon it comes with 2 of these for under $6.  Once you have these you’ll wish you had them long ago! It’s perfect for a portable breastfeeding station because you can fit so much in there.  They’re like an endless pit!

  2. AUDIBLE BOOK FOR FREE - Ok, here’s the deal.  When you’re a new mom and sleep deprived you MAY not feel like reading.  You may just feel like lounging and having passive entertainment. If that’s the case then audiobooks can totally save the day!  If you sign up for Audible you can get a free 30 day trial along with a FREE audiobook of your choice!!! If you cancel your trial within the 30 days you still get to keep the book indefinitely.  It’s perfect for postpartum!

  3. NURSING PILLOW - Everyone’s got their favorite brand but you can get a FREE nursing pillow by going HERE and using the code MILKOLOGY1. (just pay shipping)

  4. MOTHERLOVE NIPPLE CREAM - I found this nipple cream easier to apply than lanolin which is thicker.  It definitely eased my sore nipples postpartum. Can’t recommend this cream enough!

  5. MILK MAGIC LACTATION COOKIES - Who loves fresh-baked lactation cookies?!  Whaaaat? You never had them? Well, now you can!!  All you need to do is add a stick of butter + 2 eggs to the mix and then you get 24 fresh baked lactation cookies in less than 10 minutes.  Amazing!

  6. NURSING PADS - Leaking those first few months postpartum is a real thing and can instantly turn your shirt soaking wet.  You’d be smart to stock up on at least a few pairs to have “just in case.” Use the code MILKOLOGY1 to get 10 pairs for free!  (just pay shipping)

  7. YETI WATER BOTTLE - I absolutely LOVE my Yeti water bottle.  It keeps water cold for SO long and the bottle never sweats.  I love the top handle too for carrying around.

  8. 10 FOOT iPHONE/iPAD CHARGER - Pro-tip: Buy this cord and bring it to the hospital with you so you can have your phone with you even if the outlet is far away!   This is also perfect for your breastfeeding station so you can charge your phone no matter where you are!

  9. COMFY BLANKET - This blanket is SO comfy that I buy it for xmas presents all the time for people.  You and your baby DESERVE the ultimate comfort while you’re snuggling together skin to skin after birth and this blanket does the trick!


 Books about Breastfeeding and Weaning for Toddlers

  1. NURSIES WHEN THE SUN SHINES - Adorable book for when you’re ready to night wean your toddler.  Beautiful watercolor illustrations and a sweet, lulling verse help young children understand the concept of night and day.  Night time, the book explains, is for sleeping. Nursies happen when the sun shines.

  2. MAMA’S MILK - A book showing different mammals and humans breastfeeding in their natural habitats.  A lovely way to show children that breastfeeding is natural and normal.

  3. LOVING COMFORT - This book is for toddlers and moms who are getting ready to start weaning and helps ease the transition.

  4. MAMA, WHO DRINKS LIKE ME? - A bright and colorful book for children no matter where they are in their breastfeeding journey.  It also gently introduces the concept of weaning.

  5. BYE-BYE NAH-NAHS - A book about weaning with colorful illustrations and diverse characters.

  6. A TIME TO WEAN - This book shows that even children’s favorite animals eventually wean from their mother.  It’s sweet and playful.

  7. BEST MILK - Cute book to explain to toddlers and children the many benefits of breastfeeding and what’s involved.  A wonderful way to introduce the concept of breastfeeding to children.

  8. WHAT DOES BABY WANT? - Perfect for teaching toddler about breastfeeding a new baby!