Have Your Nursing Bra Fit Perfectly: Advice From Bra Creators

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During pregnancy and while breastfeeding a woman’s breasts will not only increase in size, but in weight too.

The added weight and strain put on the skin tissue can cause the ligaments to stretch if they are not cared for properly.

The number 1 rule is to wear a nursing bra that fits correctly and is designed to support and hold your bust into position.

A nursing bra that fits incorrectly or is poorly constructed will not support your bust effectively and will not only feel uncomfortable but could lead to premature sagging.

The top 5 mistakes women make when purchasing a nursing bra

mistake #1. you compromise

For some women bra shopping is not a fun experience. Ask around and get advice from friends and family members who have recently had babies. They may be able to recommend brands that have worked for them.

Don’t rush the purchase. Look around until you find the right bra for you. Should the store not have your correct size, shop around until you find it.

Never compromise on the correct size! It will not provide you with the levels of support your bust needs.

mistake #2. Incorrect nursing bra Fit


A nursing bra should encompass your entire breast and should fit snug around your rib cage.

TEST: Once the bra is on raise your arms above your head and bend over. Your bust should stay firmly in place and the bra should not move.

The cups of the bra should hug your breasts, leaving no wrinkles and puckers in the fabric. Alternatively, no breast tissue should be spilling out the top or sides of the bra.

mistake #3. Fashion over Comfort

A nursing bra should feel comfortable on. If the bra feels uncomfortable on in store when you try it on it is unlikely that you will wear it at home.

Look for a nursing bra that has cotton lining, internalized seams, some stretch in the top cup to allow for fluctuation, wide back band for support, 6 hooks and eyes for adjustment, drop down cups for feeding and has no synthetic lace or other irritable trims sitting on the skin.

mistake #4. Going to a Department store

Visit a specialist fitter when buying a nursing bra. Not only do they have a wide selection of quality nursing bras for every lifestyle, but they understand the importance of fit too.

Department stores do often have a wide range of products at an affordable price, however the problem is that the bras are more mass market and tend to be made from less durable fabrication.

Department stores also do not offer a specialist fitting service that independent boutiques tend to offer. It is likely that you will walk away with the incorrect size or not necessarily purchase the bra right for your needs.

mistake #5. Not buying enough bras

It is recommended that you own no less than 3 nursing bras. One for the wash, one for wearing and one in the drawer.

Seamless bras

Seamless bras are ideal for transitional periods during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. They come in easy sizing XS-XXL and will hold multiple cups sizes in each size. The fabric is stretchy and will move and change will your growing body, providing much needed comfort and support without restriction.

A seamless bra is also ideal for sleep and will help to hold your nursing pads in place.

Cupped bras

It is recommended that you only wear a cupped sized nursing bra once your body has learned to regulate its milk supply.

A cupped sized bra will provide you with greater levels of support and will look more flattering from underneath clothing.

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