Founder of milkology®

Hi, I'm Stacey!  

I entered the magical world of motherhood in 2011 with my daughter Sam. 

4 years later I had twins and an eventual a-ha moment that completely changed how I view breastfeeding and led to the creation of Milkology.

Here’s how it all unfolded…

I started a business in 2016 - a lactation cookie* mix business.

*Lactation cookies contain a trio of "galactagogues" - a super fancy word for foods that promote lactation.

I was over-the-moon excited because I KNEW I had an awesome product!

They bumped up my milk supply when I was breastfeeding my twins AND they're yummy. (double-win!)


But shortly AFTER I started to see the orders roll in, I got a BIG reality check...

A lot any moms were absolutely TERRIFIED that they weren’t making enough milk.  And they were coming to me one after another looking to my cookies to SAVE their milk supply.

Now, my cookies ARE good!  And they can definitely increase your output a bit.  

But in no way can a cookie, or ANYTHING really,  help a low milk supply except by adding more breastfeeding and pumping sessions (& fixing the root of the problem if there is one).

But many moms didn’t know that and looked to my cookies to save them.

I was troubled.  I ended up feeling like I wasn’t providing everyone what they ACTUALLY needed.


I had a GIANT epiphany.

I have a Masters degree in teaching.  I breastfed and pumped for all 3 of my kids until they were toddlers… why couldn’t I teach moms about all this?!

I immediately set out on a new path...

I dreamed up Milkology®!

I went back to school, became a Certified Lactation Educator and brought the brand to life in 2017.

My mission is to educate and empower with fresh lactation content. And for Milkology to be an online oasis of breastfeeding and pumping information, inspiring women to easily reach their personal breastfeeding and pumping goals!

Stacey Danielle Stewart Founder of Milkology with daughter, husband and twins. Lactation educator and teaches online breastfeeding classes.

When I’m not creating new lactation content, you can find me chasing my kids around looking for adventure, sneaking some chocolate from the pantry, listening to NPR, or practicing Buti Yoga! 

 Ready to learn lactation with me?!